Aerial data can transform the way commercial jobsites are run. Our experienced drone pilots utilizing automated flight software make regular site progress monitoring repeatable, cost-effective, and safe. After each image capture we utilize innovative delivery platforms like Hangar Technologies JobSight to give project managers and stakeholders the ability to view data within Procore or other construction management software, or as a stand alone system 


Hangar Technologies JobSight is a software solution for acquiring, presenting and analyzing insights from aerial data on construction sites over time. With a user-friendly interface and a suite of processed, insight-rich aerial data products, JobSight keeps a visual archive of construction projects for improved project management, communication and processes.  It allows clients to view Hangar acquired aerial data such as photos, 360 images, videos and high-resolution orthomosaic maps of their sites over the life of a project. Clients can also annotate, share, measure, and export that data for integration into their workflows. All of this, standing alone, or living inside of Procore construction project management software.


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